A few of Get Up's Inspiring Clients

A neighbor and social worker in the 47th ward for 20 years, Eileen has raided her family and grown a thriving business there. Now she has heard the call to serve her community at an even higher level. Running for the job of Alderman, Eileen looks forward to including and representing all her neighbors.

With a strong passion for helping women to get more out of their financial lives, Merino Wealth's specialty lies in helping Gen X, Xennial, and Millennial female entrepreneurs to manage their busy financial lives. They believe that all women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their financial decisions. 

Training Unitarian Universalist ministers and social leaders, this seminary is uniquely equipped to prepare spiritual and religious leaders, lay and ordained, who are able to lead across the changes that are shaping our quickly evolving world. Their commitment is to to help each student become a leader who inspires others to service; who carries the truth that cultural, religious, national and racial differences are enhancements to human liberation; who provides a vision for innovative community life and the know-how to creatively lead others in the ways of justice. 

Augmenting the reality of our type and swipe culture, Guild Row is an IRL social club, helping people build relationships through the hands-on medium of making things: everything from sausages to sweaters to bookshelves.

Opening in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago's north side next summer, Guild Row is poised to change the meaning of social networks.

Rentgrata helps current apartment renters capitalize on resident referral programs offered by their property manager. With their clever app, they connect with existing renters to get the real 411 on apartments they are considering. If they sign a lease, the 2 split the referral reward.

Chethik & Dellaria Consulting LLC

A new enterprise working with businesses, organizations, and academia to improve civic engagement, educational outcomes, and effective leadership. They design dynamic programs/curricula; facilitate experiential learning, group discussions, follow-up assessments and program evaluation; and train business and community leaders, teachers, and volunteers in processes and practices that yield highest impact.

Arghand Cooperative

The only all natural, sustainable beauty brand from Afghanistan, Arghand products feature luscious and nourishing plant oils extracted in small batches from hand harvested fruits, nuts and flowers. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and gender inequality, and support the planet by providing sustainable employment using locally sourced ingredients.

State Representative Sara Feigenholtz

A progressive powerhouse in the Illinois State Legislature, Representative Feigenholtz is equally passionate and effective about policies that affect the nation and state, as she is about fighting for the small but mighty issues in her own backyard.

Common Cause Illinois

Common Cause Illinois is a nonpartisan watchdog group whose mission is to promote open, ethical, and accountable government at the local, state, and national levels by educating and mobilizing the people of Illinois.

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