Hello! I'm Angelica, I've spent twenty years growing businesses large and small, now all that experience and expertise goes into helping yours thrive.
Here's how I got here:
Angelica Chayes, busness consutant
I started my first business because I wanted to make a difference.


I started snowboarding in 2000. I was hooked, but there was no place for women in that space. So I started Get Up (1.0) to create it: to equip and empower women and girls through action sports, and have a blast doing it. Although I knew nothing about business, it was successful way beyond my modest expectations. I made enough money to support my family, won awards from my vendors, created a brand that was influential thousands of miles beyond its doors (without the internet), and ultimately sold it for a profit. Most importantly, it contributed to building a culture for girls who shred. 

Then I grew a multi-million dollar business in just three years. 

I went on to earn my MBA, writing my thesis on Engagement Marketing in Emerging Media (aka social media, before it was called that). I was working for a natural makeup company, and applied this theory when I was tapped to start their first direct-to-consumer business online. By pioneering social and influencer marketing, online advertising, and innovative operations and management strategies, I was able to build a multi-million dollar business unit, the most profitable in the organization by a factor of six, in just three years. I ultimately served as their Global Consumer Brand Manager, before leaving to explore new horizons and expand my expertise with time in a tech startup, political campaigns, and non-profit fundraising.

I realized that success, positive impact, and inclusion grow better together.

No good comes of just getting by, but material success isn't the only measure of how you're doing. If you're compromising your values to make a profit; if your people are stressed out and it's like pulling teeth to get good work done; if you're so busy putting out fires there's no time to think strategically, to evolve your business, let alone enjoy your life; or if you can't seem to get your head above water financially, why the heck are you doing this? 

So I developed a methodology to help companies use the passion that made them want to start their business, to help them achieve meaningful success.